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Who We Are?

Insigma Healthcare is one of the top healthcare staffing companies in the US. It’s a part of the Insigma Group, which provides staffing services to some of the top tech and IT companies, as well as healthcare MSPs.
We provide our clients with efficient and talented teams. Our work has transcended all over the USA, as well as Mexico, China, India, and Bulgaria.
Today, we are a rapidly growing team of 300+ experts and we have no plans to stop.
We strive to maintain a streamlined and efficient process that can conveniently match healthcare professionals with the best and most suitable healthcare institutions nationwide.
We try to ensure fair and simple coordination between both parties and guarantee that healthcare staffing is conducted with equality and consideration.

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6500 +
healthcare staffing solutions
Our primary goal is to provide healthcare staffing solutions to the top medical and healthcare institutions in the US.
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1000 +
travel nurses
Not only do we connect two parties, but we also provide mediation services and ensure that a fair agreement can be reached between the two.
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healthcare provider
Next, we communicate with both parties and once the healthcare provider is convinced with the candidate, we help them mutually agree to the terms of employment.

Our Mission

We understand that all physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals we serve are committed to providing quality care at facilities in need of their services.
That’s why we are dedicated to connecting them to facilities that match their personal and professional goals.
Our mission is simple. We aim to connect talented healthcare professionals with institutions that value their services.
At the same time, we wish to help healthcare organizations find the best talent that resonates with their values and culture.

Why Choose Us

There are numerous healthcare staffing providers in the US, so why should you choose us?

Healthcare staffing providers in the US

Healthcare Profession

We also assist our travel nurses with the travel arrangements and accommodations and make sure they are taken care of once they begin working.
Physical / occupational therapy
Homemaker or basic assistance
Laboratory and X-ray imaging
Care from home health aides